Time is important. & so are you.

In the interest in saving us both some time, I am not the web developer for you if:

  • You’re hunting around for the lowest price. I appreciate a budget but I don’t compete on prices. I charge on a per project (value) basis and provide high quality work worth investing in.
  • You want to trade equity or stock for a site. As much as I love an underdog story, my landlord doesn’t accept bartering for rent at this time.
  • You only need a designer. While excellent in replicating and bringing designs to life, I’m a front-end developer, not a designer. If you need design + dev, I have designers I work with that I can bring into the project. Keep in mind this will change your project scope.
  • You like meetings. Other than initial get-to-know-you and touching-base meetings, I like to keep meetings on an ‘only if necessary’ basis to save us both time and give me more time to focus on getting your project launched!

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