Photo of me, grinning like a fool

About Allison

I’m a transplanted Californian who now resides in the west end of Toronto. I love technology’s ability to connect communities and people that might not otherwise exist.

I am a feminist, introvert, mental health advocate, and aspiring banjo player. I love guacamole, hula hoops and reading all the books at my local public library.

Professionally, I’m a front-end developer and specialize in WordPress development.

You can also often find me daydreaming about taking a pilgrimage to Dollywood or talking about flightless birds (my favourite is the kakapo).

Things to Know


Nothing but love for Sass, WordPress, Sublime, open source, GIFs.

Art in the Everyday.

I find zen in painting my nails and taking aerial shots of my food.

Coffee Hobo

You can frequently find me exploring neighbourhood coffee shops.

Nancy Drew.

When I grow up, I want to be a girl detective. If that involves a blue convertible, so be it.

Total Bookworm.

Recommendations welcome. Mysteries, science fiction, memoirs..I don't discriminate!