Hallo Spacebot ⚡️

Meet Spacebot. That’s right, y’all: I made a Twitter bot. Originally I set out to dust off some JavaScript skills and practice exchanging some ES6 and of course, I wound up a little over my head and needing to learn more about a million other “new to me” workflow and skill sets.

Screencap of Hallo Spacebot's twitter header

Currently Spacebot tweets lyrics every eight hours. These lyrics are sourced (randomly) from an API from David Bowie’s discography. It also has a ‘call and response’ function when Twitter users @ it with parts of the ‘You remind me of the babe’ banter from the movie Labyrinth.

Lyrics of "Heroes" by David Bowie being returned via Command Line There was many a celebratory dance when I finally managed to track my way via the Musixmatch API to the Goblin City from an artist number to album number to track list and then returning actual lyrics. I definitely expanded some brain space, especially in regards to learning different ways of filtering returned data and utilizing ES6 lingo.

I’m pretty thrilled with the current iteration of it, though. I’d like to create additional functionality for it (GIFs! Album covers!) but now that it is up and running, I’m going to concentrate more about how to streamline my existing code more strategically because there is definitely work that can be done there.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hallospacebot
Github: https://github.com/allisonplus/hallospacebot

⚡️I love David Bowie. Happy birthday, space-dad. ✨

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