#WDSCamp 2016

Collage of Nature Pictures from WDS Camp

I started working at WebDevStudios one year ago, which happened to coincide with this years #WDSCamp, our annual company retreat. This year, it was held in the autumnal beauty of the Poconos in Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania.

The past year has been a bit of a whirlwind in many ways. I quite enjoy working remotely; it suits me in many ways (reference: 99% introvert / INFJ). When people find out I work remotely, the question that most often follows is how often do I cross actual paths with my coworkers? And until now, I would grin and respond: “Actually, I’ve never met them.”

Albeit the truth (and a bit surreal) it didn’t really feel like we hadn’t WDS Camp Logomet. I touch base with them a few several times a day and we have video scrums and project updates throughout the week. The fact that we hadn’t actually been in the same room was odd, but wonderful in its own nerdy way.

So when it was time for camp to actually happen…well, it was intimidating. It was brilliant. It was all the things.

It was really powerful to see my coworkers in ‘real life’ to see their strengths enacted in person and to get to chat about all the other stuff. It just further supports my love of technology and its ability to connect people who might otherwise not be connected.

I’m grateful to be surrounded by a brain trust that simultaneously holds so much knowledge and compassion.

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